How My Passion for Yoga began

yoga burnSome things come come easy, others come hard, and some just enter our lives by sheer accident and change everything. Yoga was one of those things for me. I never knew what hit me almost a decade ago when I started to look for a new way to stay fit and calm my nerves. There were many options! A friend of mine recommended Tai Chi, and I tried that a few times. It’s nice and calm, but doesn’t really keep you fit.

“How about just going to the gym?” I thought, but that was the other end of the spectrum and way too sweaty and hard. No, I was looking for something in between, and I didn’t want it to be something new. What I wanted was something that had stood the test of time and had a long tradition. Among all the books my parents had at home, there was one that caught my eye. It was about this ancient Indian way to stay lean and healthy, and it was known that it had lead the sick to a healthier life. Of course, that was Yoga, and the moment I tried it, I loved it!

Like Meditation

It is said that Yoga is like meditation with the exception that you are moving and stretching all the time. It does have some elements of Tai Chi as well as elements of a workout at the gym. If you combine it with calm music, your room becomes an oasis that is just for you. Way back in the day, I suffered from insomnia, because my day job at the time was too stressful and I had little time for myself. When I began regular Yoga sessions, the meditative aspect of it soon had me sleeping like a baby.

It didn’t take long for my friend to get interested and before I knew it, she stopped with Tai Chi and picked up Yoga as well. People today best use videos instead of books, because it is far easier to follow along. Yoga Burn is a fairly good and current program for beginners, but be sure to check the cute review on to see if it is right for you.

Better Sleep

Ever since then I have a sound sleep, a calm outlook on things and I find myself more relaxed and less stressed out even in situations where stress would be normal. The time I spend with Yoga is time that’s just for me, a time that I spend to care for my mind and body alike. It is something special, an escape to a place far away, where nothing can touch or disturb me. During that time, like any other form of meditation, I feel at ease and in peace with the world. Yet I exercise while I am in that state, so it helps me to keep a lean belly and overall good figure. There is no doubt in my mind that Yoga can be a benefit to any person, and if you doubt that, just consider how old it is. Yoga has been done for thousands of years in India. Clearly, such a long fitness tradition would not be upheld were it not effective.

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz about the newest way to lose weight and whatnot. You really ought to ignore all of the things you see on television, because you don’t need the “latest and greatest” and the newest supplement. All of those things are pure marketing. The only things you need to be fit is good exercise (like Yoga) and good, real food. Real food includes drinking water instead of soda and eating whole grain rice instead of doughnuts. It really should not be necessary to even spell that out, but there are so many Americans out there that basically live off pizza. Whyyy?

All in all, Yoga is a wonderful thing and kind of its own genre in the fitness realm. It has changed my life for the better and I know that if you try it, it will do the same for you <3